Stay Safe While Enjoying the Aqua Show

In Algarve, there is a buzz in the city as the aqua show Algrave conducts just got opened last month with a 17 meters high magic. Yes, on 29th April 2016, this was the headline on many online sites. This new element of the park is being cherished by kids and adults both with excitement.

Apart from the 17 meter high double slide, there is a twin space shuttle, and other rides to excite the children and their guardians. The excitement does not end here; there is a children’s area where there are various slides for them to enjoy. It’s true that aqua show is full of exciting rides and other facilities, but before you go there, or you are there it’s better to be safe.

Dress for the day

While you are at the aqua show Algrave conducts, you will be outside under the sun almost throughout the day. Thus, in order to avoid health issues like experiencing heat stroke or getting sunburned you need to dress properly. You should carry your bathing suit so that you do not have to hire one there. Apart from that wear water shoes, loose t-shirts and hat whenever you are out of water. Keep your sunglasses handy. Also monitor the time your kids are under the direct sun.

Wear a sunscreen

While you choose to dress while in the aqua show, you should also be careful about your skin and hair. Before you start enjoying the water rides make sure that you have applied a waterproof sunscreen. It’s necessary that you keep on applying it after intervals of about 80 minutes. It’s necessary to apply it after you have dried your body with a towel. Remember to save your sunscreen as nothing can be better than a waterproof sunscreen. Read more Algarve Family Attractions

Stay hydrated

If you think that you are under the sun throughout the day and thus do not need much water to drink, you are totally wrong. Rather by staying under the sun and spending time in water, your body dehydrates more. So take necessary steps to keep yourself hydrated. Avoid caffeinated drinks and have plenty of water. You may not feel the thirst while you are enjoying the rides, but your body needs water; thus keep drinking water.

Keep an eye on your kids

While you are at the aqua show Algrave operators conduct, you should be very careful about your kids. While having fun they forget about everything around them, sometimes even their parents. Thus, it is your duty to keep on checking where they are and what are they doing. Although there are lifeguards on duty there, but you should be careful about them. Lifeguards have to scan the whole area and if they miss anything by chance, it will be your loss. Thus, it is better if you be on alert all the time.

Know the four “toos”

While you are enjoying the Aqua show Algrave operators conduct, remember that you must avoid these four ‘toos.’ They are ‘too tired, too exposed, too cold and too far from safety.’ If you be careful about these, then is it for sure that your visit to the place will be something that will be remembered by you always.

Visiting to any place will be memorable only when you are taking care of these things. For more details visit

Make Your Travels Memorable with a Modern and Luxurious Sukhumvit Hotel

Are you looking for a Sukhumvit hotel in Bangkok which is modern and luxurious? The Grand Swiss hotel is a contemporary and modern hotel that is managed by a renowned company known as Compass Hospitality. This is the best holiday accommodation for travelers who are looking for a hotel that is close to some of the best Bangkok amenities.

The Hotel is within walking distance from shopping malls such as The Emporium, Siam Paragon, CentralWorld and Terminal 21. For those who love shopping in the market, the accommodation is in close proximity to Thursday market, Asok market and Villa Market.

It is also near the Robinson Department Store, Sukhumvit MRT Interchange Station, Bumrungrad Hospital and Nana BTS Station. The location of the hotel makes Bangkok more accessible for both business travelers and tourists. It is without a doubt that the Grand Swiss hotel is the best Sukhumvit hotel in Bangkok which is modern and classy.

The Grand Swiss hotel is a perfect place for visitors who want to travel around Bangkok city. This is because of its proximity to major transport networks. The Hotel sits in close proximity to both the NaNa BTS SkyTrain along with the Sukhumvit MRT Metro station.

Tourists can also access Metered air-con Bangkok taxis are always available round-the-clock. Travelers can also opt for Tuk-Tuks, which are three wheeled cabs or Bangkok Buses, which offer inexpensive and extensive transportation services.

The Grand Swiss hotel provides all the necessary facilities that tourists need to make their stay both comfortable and convenient. The hotel provides a wide variety of services like a fitness center for keeping your healthy and toned, a swimming pool for cooling the day off, room services, secretarial assistance, high-speed wireless connection, 24/7 security, cable TV, babysitting services, concierge services, dry cleaning and laundry services and airport transfer and limousine services.

The hotel menu features both Thai and international cuisines. The menu in the restaurant was designed to suit mixed-nationality groups. Therefore, it offers a wide variety of both international and local meals. As the name of the Hotel implies, the grand Swiss hotel caters exclusively to the Swiss cuisine, which is enjoyed by visitors from various countries around the world.

The hotel also houses the Davos Restaurant, which is close to the reception area. This dining area is a comfortable setting that offers refreshments and light food such as drinks, pastries and coffee. Most clients use this beautifully furnished space for their informal settings with other business associates or for relaxing over coffee or reading the newspaper.

Travelers can also sit beside the poll and enjoy their snacks and drinks every day from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. There is also a 180-degree rooftop Lounge that offers a special-access zone for executive floor visitors. Furthermore, it has free-flow drinks during the evening.

The hotel also has meeting rooms that covers approximately 18 to 30 square meters. These conference halls are ideal for board meetings, corporate training and any other business functions. The rooms can be arranged in a wide variety of formats and seating arrangements.

The hotel caters for all types of corporate events and stands ready to offer personalized services to ensure that the event you are running is successful. Customers can choose individual packages for both full day and half day events with a variety of options for lunch menus. Tourists will definitely enjoy staying in this Sukhumvit hotel in Bangkok which is modern and provides true Swiss luxury to guests.

Tips in Finding Good Silom Hotel Deals

Good deals on a Silom Hotel are not hard to come by if you do proper research. But if you’re in a hurry to leave for a vacation or you just don’t have time to search for a good hotel, it might seem like a tedious chore. However, proper research won’t take you hours – in fact, if you follow these simple steps, you’ll find that hotel hunting is not so difficult.

  • Know the peak seasons of a particular hotel. Some peak seasons are easy to figure out, such as Christmas holidays or summer vacations, but you also need to consider local holidays and events when choosing a hotel. For example, if you want good deals on a Silom Hotel, you need to keep Thai holidays in mind as well.
  • Peak seasons are double-edged swords. While it is easier for you to get good deals on hotels when it is not a peak season, you can get really good discounts on peak seasons as well. Hotels like AETAS Lumpini often give out promotions during peak seasons. But the only catch is, everybody is looking for the same thing.

Hotels don’t have an unlimited number of rooms, so when a promotion comes up, be sure to book ASAP as a hotel can get fully booked within just a day of promo releases.

  • Newsletters are your best friend. If you want to stay on top of current hotel promotions, be sure to visit the hotel’s website and sign up for updates. Keep your eyes peeled on your e-mail’s inbox for notifications from that hotel. Make sure that you also have the means to book online as soon as the promotion comes up, so you can quickly reserve a room for yourself.
  • Think about convenience and activities as well. Yes, you might get a cheap hotel room for your vacation, but it’s not considered a good deal if it’s too far away from the places that you’d like to go. Although you might have saved money from booking your hotel room, you will end up spending more in terms of transportation. If everything is so far away, chances are you won’t enjoy your day to the fullest as you can’t cram your activities into a short time span.

While cost is always an issue, don’t settle for low-cost hotel rooms that are inconvenient. For example, the AETAS Lumpini might not be the most reasonably-priced hotel in Silom, but it is very accessible. It is located smack dab at the heart of Silom and is just a few steps away from the city’s underground train system. Every place of interest in Silom is within reach, making it a good deal.

  • Facilities and Freebies. Aside from its location, free use of the hotel’s various facilities can ease the burden of a costly hotel room. Sure, your hotel room might be costly, but what other benefits can you get from your booking? Does your room have a mini-bar that’s regularly stocked? Free breakfast or use of their gym? Discounts at dining establishments in the hotel? If you get a lot of freebies and benefits from your booking, it’s considered a good deal.

The aforementioned tips in finding good deals on a Silom hotel are basic, but most people tend to neglect them because of time constraints. Remember, finding a good hotel room that’s both affordable and convenient is one of the most important considerations during a vacation. This way, the money you save from your hotel room booking can go to other important things such as sightseeing and souvenir purchases.

Accommodation for you to enjoy your holiday in Noosa

Justin always loves to spend his holidays with his family on a beach. Interestingly, this is Justin’s third visit to Noosa, the most popular tourist spot in Queensland, Australia.  Noosa Heads as it is popularly called is actually located on the popular Sunshine Coast of Queensland. The picturesque environment, crystal-clear water of the sea, variety of water sports and relaxing temperate climate are some of the reasons that have made Noosa the most preferred tourist spots in Queensland. It may not be difficult to find suitable accommodation as one can find many holiday homes noosa wide easily where you can stay comfortably.

holiday homes noosa

Replicate your home:

The holiday homes in this beach city could be called as home away from home. Actually, they replicate your home in design, comfort and utility. The holiday homes Noosa wide have a lobby, living room, comfortable bedrooms en-suite, dining room, sufficiently equipped kitchen, roof garden and spacious balconies.   The holiday homes are also furnished with comfortable furniture. Utilities like the telephone, television, computer with the Internet, music system, WiFi, washing machine are some of the choices available for you. The holiday homes also provide secured parking facilities.

Visit tourist spots:

Spending time on the wonderful beach and enjoying the various water sports are some of the prime activities during your holiday in Noosa. But, holiday in Noosa is not limited to the activities on the beach. There are several places of tourist interest in and around the Noosa town. You may hire a taxi to visit these tourist spots. The staff of holiday homes Noosa has will help you in getting the taxi at a reasonable rental.

Types of accommodation:

Some tourists prefer to stay in holiday homes that are located right on the beach. On the other hand, there are tourists who prefer Noosa hinterland accommodation. In addition to this, there are farm cottages, service apartments and even hotels where you can find Noosa accommodation so that you can enjoy your stay in this picturesque beach. The holiday homes are strategically located and the basic necessities, including shopping malls are located at a walking distance from the beach. Read more on rw noosa holidays

Book in advance:

Some of the holiday homes and resorts such as the Noosaville resorts have won awards for their excellence in accommodation and service. Naturally, you would prefer to stay in such holiday homes so that you would take back with you the reminiscence of your comfortable stay. Further, since many people visit Noosa, it is advisable that you book your accommodation in advance. You may book your accommodation through an authorized travel agency, or you can book online. Some of the holiday homes offer various types of discounts on rental. For example, there are holiday homes that allow a discount on advance booking. Similarly, a few holiday homes allow a discount on bookings during off season.

Go through the terms and conditions:

However, before booking your accommodation, you must enquire about the facilities that are available in the holiday homes. For example, some of the holiday homes may not encourage pets. In fact, some of the holiday homes may not have wheelchair facilities. Therefore, such enquiries will help you to plan your tour appropriately. It is for this reason, it is suggested that you should also carefully go through the terms and conditions of the holiday home. For details visit

Top tips for choosing a leisure hotel in Bangkok

People spend their leisure moments in different ways. This calls for your choice as a tourist or as a businessperson. Whether you travel for business or as a tourist, choosing the right hotel where you spend your precious time is an important factor to consider. The leisure hotel you prefer should meet your expectations by offering you quality services where necessary. For your business group or as tourists, leisure hotels in Bangkok often offer suitable accommodation with trained professionals who know how to handle customers with care. Consider these factors before you book a hotel in Bangkok.

Consider the location

 If you travel to this city, it is advisable to look for hotel near tourist spot in the city. Not only that, also ensure that where your preferred leisure hotel is situated is highly secured. Hotels near tourist spots can be expensive but they provide more adventure and you can immerse more into the vibes of the city when spending time near the city center. Staying near a tourist spot can improve your interaction experience as well as geographical ability. To narrow down your search for leisure hotels in Bangkok, you can visit their reliable website for more information on the hotel location you want.

Consider pricing

Price factor varies from one hotel to another with regard to their rating. Local hotels may have lower prices than mainstream ones. Therefore, it depends on how much you want to spend on your leisure moment. In addition, online searching for information can help you search and weigh the prices of different hotels then you can choose the one that fits you. For customers’ information, leisure hotels in Bangkok are cheap in their services that any customer from any part of the world can afford. If you like a homey feel, you can search for their bed and breakfast hotels. In addition, they offer great accommodation services and internet services to the customers.

In case you do not get all the amenities you require, it is advisable to eliminate some that are unavailable and get the available ones and if this sounds as a hard work to you, you can contact a reliable expert for more advice.

For your business

If you travel for a business reason, be in a position to ask your preferred service provider about the discount for business or a group of events. Feel free to bargain with them on the entire price and other extra charges. If you want to use their convention room, ask how many attendance can fit in that specific room. As a group you need to eat regularly for the duration you stay there therefore, your preferred service providers should be in a position to offer discount on meals and catering services. In addition, you can also ask about any group meeting near the hotel that your members can attend. Do not forget to consider the number of rooms available in the hotels and ensure they fit the number of members you have.

You can get more information about leisure hotels in Bangkok at


Learn More About Well-Being Hotels in Bangkok

Your vacation draws close and you wonder which five-star hotel could give you the best accommodation experience during your vacation. If your destination is Thailand, you need to discover the benefits that you can get from a wellbeing hotel in Bangkok. Many travelers choose hotels based on location, service, and great restaurants that exist therein. However, when it comes to selecting a well-being hotel, it is important to look beyond the obvious. Here are some of the benefits that come with a well-being hotel.

Professional Well-Being Services

After wining and dining in your preferred hotel, it dawns on you that you need a bit of well-being services as well. At that point, you begin to think of your local gym or spa back at home. Well, with a wellbeing hotel in Bangkok, you need not worry. Well-being hotels often have a professional staff to attend to their customers when it comes to facial care, foot care, body massage. Such services are useful because they address real life issues. For example, as we age, our skin becomes less elastic as wrinkles and laughter lines begin to develop.

Professional staff in well-being hotels in Thailand can transform your appearance by giving professional full body massage, feet and hand care as well as face care.

Full Body Massage

Massage is a widely accepted service to revive the functionality and overall well-being of a person. When performed by qualified experts, it can provide a great relief to the body. One of the reasons why people go on holiday is to relax unwind and re-energize after a long session of continuous work. In Bangkok, Thailand, staying in a well-being hotel is one way to achieve this objective. It requires professionals to deliver proper quality massage. For that reason, it is important to find out whether your preferred hotel has adequate professionals to carry out the exercise.

Hand and Feet Care

Hands and feet are parts of the body that are exposed to elements that can make them age quickly. Well being hotels in Bangkok should ensure that they have professionals in hand and foot care to provide their customers with adequate services in that field. Does the hotel have enough instruments to provide quality services in this area? Most customers in need of these services look for experts in dealing with brittle nails, the rough skin around the nails, and cuticles. Performed by qualified experts in that field, customers can leave the hotel feeling healthy and vigorous.

Overall Hotel Service

Even with professional well-being services, it is still important for the hotel to embrace adequate services. A well-being hotel should have superior service including doormen that assist their customers immediately as their ride pulls up at the hotel entrance. At the reception, a happy and friendly receptionist should meet them. That kind of service paves a way for a long-term business relationship with the hotel staff and customers, making them willing to come back.

For more information about services of wellbeing hotel in Bangkok, visit

Determining Your South Pattaya Hotel Accommodation

Finding the right accommodation during your visit to South Pattaya will be a great determinant in making your holiday enjoyable. Whereas many people put the budget as the first thing while deciding on their hotel in south Pattaya, there are actually many other factors to guarantee you the right accommodation for your holiday. Hotels in south Pattaya vary in different ways not just in price ranges. Consider the following as you will be making your grand decision.

Location factors

Your purpose of the visit is very much related to the location in which you choose your hotel. For example, if you are in south Pattaya for a business meeting, a location that is near the meeting area is an ideal choice as it will be convenient for you and will also help you to avoid showing up late for your meetings. If you are on a vacation, a good location would be the one that is close to the tourist attraction centers that you would like to visit. Also your preferences are important such that if you just want a quiet getaway, look for a hotel in a remote area.

Amenities you like

If you plan to have fun and know your likes, identify the hotels that have the facilities you want like gym, swimming pool, Jacuzzi among others. Whatever is your definition of ultimate luxury, there must be a hotel that caters for it. As there is no point of going to a place that does not cater to your interests.

Ratings of the hotels

Most hotels in south Pattaya are ranked according to star ratings. The number of the stars determines the quality of the hotel. Therefore, if a hotel has many stars, then it’s a good quality facility and might as a result be more pricey. Therefore, as you choose make sure it also fits into your budget.


It’s not good to assume that all hotels in south Pattaya are family friendly. Therefore, if you are travelling with family, it is very important to identify a hotel that is family friendly with things such as children’s playground, baby pool, as it is very fundamental that all of you on holiday enjoy your time. Services like children’s menu and laundry services are also key to put into consideration.

Final decision

It’s important you check the online reviews of other customers on the hotel in south Pattaya you have selected. This will help inform you on the kind of services you expect from the hotel. Many websites are dedicated to showing online reviews; just browse through them and make an informed decision. Most online reviews are brutally honest, so they are totally reliable.

There are a variety of south Pattaya hotels offering different services and amenities, and hence, deciding on a place to stay can be quite a task. Some important tips to ease your hunt are the location, whether they have amenities that cater to your interests, the hotel star ratings and online reviews. All these will help you find the best hotel in south Pattaya for you.